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The CGSE Course

Our CybrGrade Security Essentials (CGSE) course is a half day training package intended to give attendees an overview of how to take action to protect themselves and their friends, colleagues or loved ones against the most common cyber security threats.

This course has been specially designed to be offered for free as a community service* to local council authorities, community centers/projects, schools/colleges, and local police forces. It is aimed at anyone who utilizes modern IT technology and/or working practices in their day to day lives.

The course can be delivered in a standard office meeting room setting, community center or school. Organizations are please encouraged to provide IT equipment and infrastructure where possible.

Course Package Details

This package has been designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the cyber security threats they face in their daily lives. It will help them to identify the risks of using modern information technology, and how cyber vulnerabilities arise for both themselves and the people around them in the workplace, school, or at home. They will be invited to review some interesting case-studies of how attackers were able to easily gain access to sensitive information and systems. Then they will be taught how to prevent such attacks through adopting simple changes in their own behaviour.

The main benefits of completing this course are:
  • Learn and apply the appropriate behaviour and actions for using online services.
  • Defend your friends and family members by understanding the basics of countering the common threats.
  • Reduce the risk of falling victim through a cyber attack.
The topics covered include:

The Electronic Environment - An outline of the current cyber threat environment that individuals are confronted with in the modern world, discussing the impacts of cyber security incidents. Covering relevant case studies and examples demonstrating the personal security mistakes that caused each to happen.

The Role Of Our Own Behaviour - Each individual using a computer or smartphone represents a potential attack surface to a criminal. Understanding how our individual actions can strengthen or weaken a criminal's ability to attack us is essential in order to keep ourselves safe.

The Password Problem - Passwords are something that every single individual has to deal with personally at every level. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of using different types of passwords and also the methods by which attackers can steal or attack them is essential to be able to prevent the most devastating types of attack.

WiFi Network Security - We are all used to connecting to and using WiFi networks as part of our daily lives. But can you trust the security of these networks? We will learn how to recognize safe and unsafe ways of working with wireless networks.

Online Security - This covers internet safety from a viewpoint looking at how our human nature can so easily be used against us by an attacker. How they can use social media in order to trick us into giving them access to our sensitive information or finances. Then We will learn how to counteract these threats through developing a better understanding of how such attacks are executed, and how we can spot them.

The CGSD Course

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CGSE CybrGrade Security Essentials - NEW CGD-100 FREE
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* Currently limited to the Midlands regions of England and Wales at this time. Please feel free to check with us in case you are unsure whether or not we can meet your requirements.