CybrGrade Security Self Defence

2 Day Course

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The CGSD Course

Our CybrGrade Security Self Defence (CGSD) course is a 2 day training package intended to give attendees a solid foundation in how to proactively protect themselves and their workplace against current cyber security threats. It is aimed at anyone within a typical small to large business that utilizes modern IT technology and working practices.

This is the companion course to the CybrGrade Certified Associate certification. An exam attempt is included at the end of the course and is covered in the overall course price.

The course can be delivered either at your business premises or a designated local training facility upon request.

Course Package Details

This training package has been designed to provide attendees with an up-to-date understanding of the cyber security threats they face in the modern workplace. It will help them to identify the cyber threats posed to them as an individual in the workplace and how this creates vulnerabilities for both themselves and their organization. They will be shown practical demonstrations of how attackers can so easily gain access to sensitive information and systems. Then they will be taught how to prevent it through adopting simple changes in their own behaviour and working practices.

The main benefits of completing this course are:
  • Learn and apply the appropriate behaviour and actions for handling company assets and customer interactions.
  • Defend your company’s image and brand by countering the attacks that so often result in damaging media attention.
  • Reduce the risk of a security breach through a cyber attack, and avoid remediation costs.
The core topics covered include:

The NCSC 10 Step To Cyber Security - This module covers the NCSC 10 Steps To Cyber Security, and how to align your ways of working within your organisation to be as secure as possible. The NCSC believe that adopting security measures tailored to your situation, but which align with the 10 steps, will help protect your organisation from cyber attack. We agree, and relate our content to this approach throughout the course

The Threat Landscape - An outline of the current cyber threat environment faced by businesses and individuals, discussing the impacts of security incidents. Covering relevant case studies and examples demonstrating the business and organizational mistakes that caused each to happen, and how they could have been avoided.

The Role Of User Behaviour - Each individual employee of a company represents a potential attack surface to a criminal. Understanding how our individual actions can strengthen or weaken a company's security is essential in order to mitigate the baseline threats.

The Social Engineer Threat - In this module we will analyse how our human nature can so easily be used against us by an attacker. Whether they are in physical proximity to us, contacting us remotely via telephone, or even befriending us via social media in order to bypass security controls and procedures. We will learn how to mitigate this threat through gaining a better understanding of how such attacks are executed.

The Password Problem - Passwords are something that every single individual has to deal with personally at every level. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of using different types of passwords and also the methods by which attackers can steal or attack them in some way is essential to be able to prevent the most devastating types of attack.

Email Phishing Attacks - Email is the single most important day-to-day business application. It is also the single most common entry point for a cyber attack. In this module course attendees will cover why this is so, and how to counter this threat.

Removable Media Threats - The risks posed by the use of physical media such as USB devices are some of the most significant. This module focuses on demonstrating why this is a risk and how to behave in a safe way when handling removable media.

WiFi Network Security - We are all used to connecting to and using WiFi networks as part of our daily personal and professional lives. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the security of these networks we will be able to recognise safe and unsafe ways of working with wireless networks.

Physical Security - When discussing IT security, it’s easy to skip over the physical component. In this module we will cover some good and bad examples of this. And how everyone should play their part in improving it.

The CGSD Course

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CGSD CybrGrade Security Self Defence - NEW COURSE CGD-101 £1285.00
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Attendees that successfully pass the certification will have demonstrated a sound understanding of the current cyber security threats and vulnerabilities in a modern business setting and how to employ good security practices to mitigate the most common.