Our Philosophy...

"To effectively and proficiently pass on our cyber security expertise to every community that requires it across the UK."

Why I Choose To Help Others Develop Cyber Skills

For many years I've worked in Defence, and over that time, I've had many different jobs within the military. These roles have spanned a wide spectrum of both technologically specialized, and non-technical vocations. Starting out as a Radio Systems Specialist, then retraining as Communications Systems Engineer, I've worked as helpdesk staff, an IT sysadmin, a security guard, a web developer, a soldier, a database administrator, a team leader, an electrical repair tech, a technical instructor, an electrical safety auditor, a team mentor, and latterly for the last several years, a cyber security specialist.

Throughout, providing or breaking security controls in its many forms has always been at the core of each job I've experienced doing. I believe this has enabled me to develop a unique perspective that allows me to appreciate the cyber security training needs of people in a wide range of roles and areas of responsibility. I feel privileged to have had such an opportunity to serve my country and experience the wide range of roles I've filled. As a member of the military, it becomes second nature to guide and mentor those around you in need of support. This is especially true where niche technical skills are concerned.

I'm passionate about helping people develop and learn. I especially love to help them learn new skills in cyber security, and it's that passion that lead me to found CybrGrade UK with the goal of doing just that.

S. Patterson


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