Who are CybrGrade UK?

Founded by two award-winning military cyber security experts.
CybrGrade UK was created to provide high-quality information security courses to
ordinary people in small to medium businesses across the United Kingdom.

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  • Global
  • Skills

Real World Experience Of Contemporary Cyber Attacks
Has Shaped Our Vision.

More than ever, UK businesses are under attack from a range of cyber threat actors. Our specialist background in this area has enabled us to create unique training for the business community.

We Believe in Practical Hands-On Coaching By people who really know their stuff

If we can't explain and demonstrate a subject effectively and proficiently, we will never teach it. Our Instructors are subject matter experts in the topics they present in our courses and are here to provide you with the knowledge and ability to succeed.

Can't See The Cyber Woods For The Cyber Trees?
...We can help.

We founded CYBRGRADE following many years of service to the United Kingdom as cyber security specialists. We believe our previous experiences have given us a unique opportunity to pass on that specialist knowledge and expertise to everyday people, the wider business community, and aspiring cyber security professionals alike. Allowing us to carry on doing what we love while helping protect a broad spectrum of UK community's interests in cyberspace.

Just A Few Of The Reasons To Let Us Train You

"Enabling your staff to defend your business in cyberspace is the
single most important IT investment you can make in 2020."

  • Real-Time Attack Demos

    We don't just talk a good cyber! We'll demonstrate the attacks and how to thwart them. Putting you one step ahead of the criminals that are already attacking UK companies more and more each day.

  • Learn Open Source Tools

    If you're an aspiring ethical hacker, We'll show you how to think like an attacker and become adept at using the tools they deploy.
    Company execs. Let us train your Red Team Staff to find your weak spots.

  • Recognize Red Flags

    Learn to identify the key areas where attackers gain access and stop them in their tracks. Every staff member is a gateway into your company. Enable them to be your first line of defence.

  • Source Code Review

    Gain the skills to conduct internal application source code review, and prevent the mistakes that happen in development from making it into production.

  • Hone Your Skills As A Pentester

    Experience our Web Application exploitation training. Develop your ability to execute difficult to exploit chains of attack and become a master of online application security assessments.

  • Get CYBRGRADE Certified

    Earn one of our specialized CYBRGRADE certifications to demonstrate your skill and understanding in your preferred area of specialization.

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